Fiberglass Doors

What are Fiberglass Doors?

Choosing a replacement entry door for your home is an important decision that compliments the style of the home and entryway, a fiberglass entry door system is a very good option as a replacement to the existing builder grade door, it is available in many attractive styles and offers high energy efficiency with no maintenance, fiberglass doors are offered in a large variety of high definition embossed paneled and contemporary designs to suite the many styles of home entry ways and personal taste.

Fiberglass doors have a very high insulation value due to the special technology that is incorporated into the door, they are made from high quality non thermal conductive materials that insulate the door from the elements. The fiberglass doors that MD Doors offers are specifically designed for our Canadian weather and offer a superior insulation value than builder grade doors.

The Wood grained fiberglass doors that MD Doors offers have a very realistic and authentic wood grain textured designs that is created by using the latest technology of silicone mould casting and high pressure forming manufacturing techniques, they have the authentic look of natural surface of a real wood door and available in a variety of wood grain texture species to suite the look and style of the desired door design. Smooth skin fiberglass doors are available as well for door designs that wood grain is not desired, they are made from the same materials and technology but the outer surface is completely smooth and flat.

Fiberglass doors are waterproof, easy to clean and are very stable, they will not crack, delaminate nor deformed due to the special quality materials and technology method that is incorporated into the production of the fiberglass doors, it requires no maintenance and are dent resistant due to the flexibility and durability of the thick outer fiberglass skin structure. The exterior textured wood grain surface of the fiberglass door is very durable and usually hides all imperfections of ware and tare over the years of use due to the natural textured surface of the door, scratches and scabs usually tend to blend within the texture and if a paint touch up needs to be applied it is very easy to do and virtually invisible to the eye after the application.

Fiberglass door systems consist of door slabs, frames jambs, trims, and the rest of the hardware components. The door frame jambs and exterior trims that MD Doors offers with the fiberglass door systems are made from composite/fiberglass materials that are rot proof and require no maintenance, they have a matching wood grain texture that compliments the look of the fiberglass door slab.

Traditional Fiberglass Doors

Traditional fiberglass doors are available in many styles and configurations that have beautiful embossed panels within the door, the selection of paneled traditional door designs that MD Doors offers is available in many style configurations to compliment the look and feel of a traditional home. When a front entry door needs to be replaced or upgraded every home owner has a particular style of door design preference, the selection of traditional paneled door designs usually is the most popular fiberglass door option due to the variety of designs offered and the style of the north American home architecture that traditional fiberglass doors compliment.

A solid traditional fiberglass door is usually a good option when side windows are present and let the natural light into the entry way, some entrances have very small or no side windows to let natural light into the entrance way and a door glass inserts is a great way to add décor to the door design and will let the natural light come through the door itself, glass door inserts are available in many sizes and styles to match and enhance the look of a traditional door design.

Traditional fiberglass doors are available both in a wood grain texture or smooth surfaces, the wood grained textures are very realistic and have the warm look of a traditional solid wood door that is very attractive and the high definition embossed panels within the door create the look and feel of a real wooden door. Smooth doors with embossed panels are a great option and create a rich smooth traditional look for customers that prefer a smooth surface to the door design.

Paneled fiberglass sidelights with glass inserts offer a rich and impressive look that is available in matching textures and is a great way to dress up side windows with a matching fiberglass side panel that surrounds a decorative glass sidelight , the high definition embossed panels that matches the main door design enhances the overall look of the entryway, such option is a traditional entry configuration and a great way to convert your double doors into a wide single door with two paneled sidelights.

Contemporary Fiberglass Doors

Home architecture varies in style and design throughout city communities, for some entrances a contemporary or modern door design would be a more suitable option that matches the décor and architectural style of the home, at MD Doors we offer a vast selection of modern and contemporary fiberglass door designs that are available to suit the entryways that require such styles and home owner that would like to change the current look and feel of the door design to a contemporary look.

Design elements such as defined linier groves within the fiberglass door surface with combination of optional brushed stainless steel decorative elements and decorative glass designs with modern shapes make up a unique and beautiful contemporary fiberglass door, MD Doors offers a variety of special door designs to home owners with a desire and need for a unique door style such as an MD Doors contemporary fiberglass door.

MD Doors is very versatile with the customization of the contemporary fiberglass door styles and designs where we offer a unique selection of styles to match the unique taste and style of the customer, some modern fiberglass door that we produce are custom designed and are made to the customer’s special request, as well as we offer a standard pre manufactured selection of modern fiberglass door designs that are available as a standard option to our clients.

The contemporary fiberglass doors that we offer are made using the latest technology of silicone mould casting and high pressure forming manufacturing techniques, the wood grained textured fiberglass doors have the authentic look of a natural surface of a real wood door and is available in a selection of grain designs, smooth surfaced fiberglass doors are available as well and are made using the same quality of manufacturing process, smooth skinned fiberglass doors are a great option for door designs where a wood grain is not desired and a smooth surface is preferred as a design element for an entry way.

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