Wood Doors

What are Wood Doors?

Choosing the type of door style and material is an important decision that will transform the entry way and create the look and feel of an entrance door best suited to the home style and the customers vision, we at MD Doors believe that the entrance to your home is more than just an entry way it is the entrance to your domain and by having a beautiful hand crafted pre finished solid wood entrance door done by MD Doors your entrance will transform from ordinary to extraordinary. There is nothing out there that matches the look of a beautiful solid wood door that compliments your home with elegance, warmth and an impressive first impression that our customers are looking to achieve.

Our solid wood doors are manufactured to the highest quality utilizing top quality Canadian and exotic lumber with a state of the art equipment that ensures the best quality and precision for manufacturing the quality of wood doors that our customers expects from us, we take great pride in every door system that we produce ensuring that every detail is scrutinized by our expert staff.

Every solid wood door system is available pre-finished using the latest European and north American technologies of stains, lacquers and clear coats for a strong and durable finish, we ensure that each wood door that we offer will have proper protection from the elements by utilizing the best finishing and protection technology available to us.


The construction of our high quality wood door systems is second to none and is superior in the market due to the technology of manufacturing and engineering that our team has developed in the past few years. We offer the best made solid wood doors with the highest quality and attention to details throughout the manufacturing process and all the way to the final installation of the products.

Why choose a Wood Door?

When looking for unique custom designs and options for entrance doors wood doors area great option and very versatile with choosing the styles and features, in many cases and especially with irregular shapes and sizes a wood door option is the only way to go due to the custom sizes and design that we offer with the wood door.

Wood doors are the only material that allow us to create custom shapes and designs that can fit a new or existing opening with almost no limitation both for the overall shape of the door and the designs that we offer, It is common to see that existing home door openings have a strait top door design with a shaped window transom over the door, by choosing a solid wood door by MD Doors we can offer a custom door design that can eliminate the top window transom over the door and the new wood door can go all the way up and will have the shape of the opening and such an option can only be achieved with a custom wood door.

When looking for unique design option and custom features wood doors are the perfect option due to the made from scratch manufacturing process that allows the customization of the door design and overall shape of the opening.

Door designs and styles are especially important to our customers and by choosing a solid wood door by MD Doors we offer our customers many designs and styles from traditional door designs to modern concepts with almost no limitations, only solid wood doors have such versatile offered options.

Wood door Features

Solid wood doors are a unique product that hand crafted from scratch with combination of the traditional tools and the latest technology machinery and equipment, the exterior solid wood doors are made from quality sold engineered wood species that are designed to be very stable and durable especially with our harsh Canadian weather by making sure the door system is made with the highest quality workmanship and best materials used to produce the doors, all exterior doors are at least 2 ¼” thick to withstand the weathering and to ensure the door is stable and secure. Wood as a material offers superior insulation properties that reduces the overall energy loose in the home.

Security is especially important to our customers and by choosing a solid wood door by MD Doors we ensure that every door system has the best security hardware features by utilizing top quality Emtek hardware such as an American Mortise locks that is most popular with wood doors or multi lock options with beautiful lock trim and finishes to choose from.

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