Euro Doors

What are Euro Doors?

Entrance doors is an essential part of a house and is a very important design element that represents the style and first impression of the home, MD Doors is proud to offer home owners a revolutionary entry door system made in Europe that offers unique and elegant doors designs that have a first impression impact like no other door product. Euro doors are made using the latest state of the art manufacturing technology that is developed in Europe and now is available to our Canadian customers, the Euro doors system that we offer has superior insulation values than any other door products due to the unique and thick thermal insulation technology that is incorporated into the doors such as door edge leaf overlapping features and triple automotive grade gasket system together with the overall thick internal multi layered thermal materials that offers the superior insulation values for our harsh Canadian weather. The Euro door security locking system is very enhanced by utilizing the latest multi locking hardware and special security key technology to provide a burglary proof system and a very secure door.

Design and Options

Selecting a Euro door design for your home is a very personal and unique process, we at MD Doors offer a full range of styles and options to fit and match customers design ideas and home architecture, Euro doors are fully customizable and are available in a vast selection of finishes and designs, the surfaces of the door and jamb frames are made from thick and durable aluminum alloy materials utilizing a powder paint technology that is the strongest and most durable paint methods available as finish paint, the RAL color pallet that we offer has a an impressive and large selection of finishes and is available in wood grain effect, smooth or textured finishes for the desired look. Euro door designs are available in a selection of modern, contemporary and traditional styles to fit any home design architecture and customer’s preferred style, custom options are available as well such as modifying existing door patterns or creating a new and unique custom door design, options that are offered such as finishes, hardware, decorative stainless steel details together with deep defined groves and glass selections each door is unique and tailor made to the customers specifications. Home entrances are unique and varies in sizes, entry ways are not always ideal in size and configurations, some doors have either a narrow side or top window but the door itself is too small and not proportional to the entryway, the advantage of the Euro doors that they are fully customizable by size and are made to fit any size specification, this means that a narrow side or top window can be eliminated and we can now offer our customers bigger more proportional custom sized doors that will enhance the look by creating a more attractive and efficient functional entry doors.

The Technology

Euro doors are made by skilled specialists and quality workmanship using the latest state of the art technology utilizing modern manufacturing technologies such as computer aided drafting software, precision CNC machining, extruded high grade aluminum alloys, plastic and composite materials, specialized adhesives/fasteners that make up the high quality constructed multi layered door structure. This unique process creates a door system that has a superior insulation value due to the high grade automotive grade triple gasket system, the special doors edge leaf overlapping technology and the multi layered thermal separation between the outer and inner sections of the complete door system. Extensive tests such as insulation thermal value ratings, water tightness and overall security have been extensively conducted by independent European agencies to ensure and rate the tested parameters of the door system. The test value parameters in Europe exceed North American standards and feature greater insulation and security value properties.

Security and Hardware

The overall security of the Euro doors is a very impressive feature, the hardware and technology that is incorporated into the security of the Euro doors is designed as a burglary proof system that includes a multi point lock European mechanism together with a Euro cylinder that features security registered Euro keys and a pined hinge lock, the entire frame jamb system is made from ridged aluminum extruded profile and when the dead dolts penetrate the steel multi lock strikers that are screwed to the jambs it creates a very secure burglary proof entry door system. A functional and decorative hardware selection of the exterior and interior pull handles and lever sets are available in many sizes, finishes and styles to match the décor selection of the overall look and feel of the entry door.

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