About Us

Established in 1989, MD Doors a family owned and operated manufacturer of entry doors and decorative door inserts has been serving the GTA with quality products and have earned the reputation for meeting and exceeding customer expectations. We at MD Doors constantly strive to achieve customer satisfaction through our commitment to the provision of reliable quality products and creative services. We at MD Doors believe that the entrance to your home should be much more than an entryway it is the first impression of your domain, we are confident and guaranty that by choosing MD Doors as your door and window supplier your entryway will transform from ordinary to a unique and attractive entrance that reflects the first impression that our customers expect from us.

From the start we have been innovating and improving our commitment to offer the best reliable services and high quality products to our valued clients by keeping up with the latest design trends and newest most up to date product materials and manufacturing technologies, from year to year design trends change together with customers outlooks and styles, we at MD Doors strive to innovate and come up with the latest unique door and door accessory designs that our clients are searching for, we pride ourselves on the capabilities and know how to design and manufacture unique and attractive quality door products to accommodate and satisfy customers envisions and unique styles. With each door systems that we produce security and insulation value is emphasized by utilizing European security hardware and the best and most up to date door components that maximizes and enhances the insulations value properties of an entrance door system.

Our Services

Each and every valued client that we work with has a unique style and taste, our staff at MD Doors takes the time to listen carefully and understand the requirements of our customers so to be able to offer and guide the best suited product solutions and design style based on customers individual needs, when it comes to choosing the final door design our design team will work closely with each individual customer to consult and guide with the vast selection of door products that we have to offer. We at MD Doors strive to make sure that our valued clients will have the most pleasant and easy experience in choosing the right door products for their home by offering our vast experience and knowledge about the products that we offer and produce for our valued clients, when visiting our showroom our friendly staff at MD Doors will be able to show and demonstrate the variety of products that we offer and will guide each client to the best options based on the individual requirements and unique style that our valued clients expect from us. As part of our valued services we have the capabilities to offer our potential customers a visual composition that helps with the process of selecting the best door and glass design for each unique entrance by digitally showing how a variety of door and glass designs could look like on each customer’s existing entrance, this unique service that we at MD Doors had developed usually helps with the door design selection process and provides a clear view of each door style on customers own entrances, this service that we offer makes the final decision of choosing the right products very easy and risk free to the client.

Our Showroom

Our large showroom is conveniently located at the heart of the city of Vaughan, we are facing highway 7 and very close to Hwy 407 and Jane street intersection as well as Hwy 400 is just minutes away from us, it is very easy to get to us and we are open to the public on weekdays and Saturday. We know that some customers work late and will require special arrangements, as part of our services we offer individual showroom appointments on request after our regular operating hours to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

If a showroom visit is not possible by the customer we do offer in home visits by appointments only were we can demonstrate and provide a quotations for the products that we offer, by initially visiting customers homes we are limited by how much we can show and demonstrate therefore we encourage customers to visit us initially so to be able to see, feel and choose the full line of products that we have to offer, it is recommended that each customer will be able to see and get a feel of the actual product in our showroom then just a picture on a catalogue.

At our showroom we display a large selection of door design ideas and materials to choose from as well as a very large selection of decorative iron and glass door inserts with limitless combination of personalized decorative options, a large variety of door hardware options is displayed at our showroom that consists of exterior and interior door handles and lock sets.

Certified Installation

MD Doors offers full installation services to our valued customers, we strongly emphasize that the quality of the installation reflects the overall look, longevity and operation of the products that we produce and offer, MD Doors only works with the best certified skilled installers that have a vast experience in the industry and we make sure that each installation of our quality products is preformed to the highest quality, attention to details and expectations standards that is set by MD Doors and our respected clients. We usually take the time to visit each completed job so to inspect the final installation process and most importantly to make sure that the customer is satisfied to the fullest while the installer is on site, if any corrections need to be made the skilled installer will take care of any concern. We Guaranty each installation that is completed by our installers and if we need to revisit a job site for an adjustment or any other concern we make sure to provide this service promptly. All of our experienced skilled installers are insured and we are fully responsible for each installer’s action and service preformed, our installers are very courteous and polite and always make sure to protect and constantly keep a clean environment of the surrounding working areas with tarps so to avoid any damage to customer property. When the installation is complete we make sure that our installers clean up all left over materials from the area of installation as well as sweeping and vacuuming the smallest left over particles, we do not leave any lumber, old customers doors, glass, jambs or any other junk that came of the installation area and the installer makes sure that the customer is satisfied with the cleanup before he leaves the work site. The installation of our quality MD Doors products is as important as the products itself! We guaranty that each installation is done by a selected qualified installer only and that each installation is completed to the highest standards that MD Doors has implemented.

MD Doors Financing

Financing your new entrance door or window projects with MD Doors financing program is an easy and affordable way to get it done with benefits of great programs that are exclusively available to our valued customers, we are excited to offer financing solution such as equal monthly payment plans as well as a deferred do not pay for 3 to 12 month financing programs, monthly financing plans are available as well with great rates and long payment terms up to 60+ months. We work with a great financing company that will approve majority of customers, the approval process is as easy as it gets with no need for any special bank documents or proof of employment we only require a driver licence to get you approved right on the spot! All payment details will be disclosed clearly and in writing to our clients with no hidden fees or surprises.One of the attractive and exiting features of financing you new project with MD Doors financing is that any of our monthly financing term can be paid off at any time with no penalty charges nor associated fees, we call it an open term financing program, this means that at any time customers can pay into the program as much as they want to reduce the payment term or just pay off the entire loan any time they wish, this flexibility is very desirable to many customers and we know that  such option is always welcome. Throughout the year we offer promotions and specials with no interest financing deals to our valued customers that makes the decision of purchasing your new door and window project with MD Doors an easy and affordable way to get it done.