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A stained glass door insert made by MD Doors is a mark of quality! We have been creating and manufacturing decorative stained glass panels for over 20 years and we are proud to continue and offer our customers with a highest quality stained glass products made right here at our Vaughan studio and showroom location. We offer standard and custom stained glass inserts for entry doors and windows as well as any custom sized sidelight and any shaped top lights, our vast experience with stained glass production gives us the capabilities to create unique and beautiful artworks as per our customers’ requests. Each insert that we produce is selected by the client and we take the time to listen and understand customers ideas and opinion about the design they would like to have, we offer our expertise and consult with the clients very patiently so to help with selection of the stained glass designs and the vast available options that we offer, we produce any traditional, contemporary, and modern designs or any custom style for our customers.

Offered Options

A great way to enhance the look and style of an entry door or a window is to have a beautifully made stained glass inserts by MD Doors, it creates warmth with ambient  elegance and lets natural light penetrate the home with a range of spectrum colors of the  glass, full privacy can be created with the selection of glass textures and colors without compromising the natural light that shines through the glass pane. At MD Doors we offer pre manufactured standard sized stained glass inserts for doors that are more cost effective than custom made and a large selection of beautiful patterns and style are available to our customers, many samples of design are available to be viewed at our Vaughan showroom.  Customization of stained glass is an attractive option that we at MD Doors offer our customers, often we are asked to either change the colors and textures of an existing design, modify a pattern, or to create a completely new concept of a custom made pattern,  this is our specialty and we are capable to manufacture any stained glass design and sizes for all application such as door inserts, window panes and kitchen cabinets glass designs.

Decorative glass, sometimes known as stained glass, is a thousand year old art form that was traditionally used in places of worship. Pieces of glass are cut and held together by lead or zinc strips to form a myriad of different patterns and designs. The panel is then secured in a rigid frame and thermally sealed between two pieces of safety-tempered glass. The result is a window pane that adds style and character to your doorway and depending on your preference, a great deal of privacy.

If you are looking for stained glass in Toronto, you’ve come to the right place. Stained glass is a beautiful way to add warmth, privacy and elegance to your home. The beauty of a stained glass door is magnified when the sun from outside hits the door and your home is filled with vibrant prismatic colors. With many designs and patterns to choose from, you can ensure that your stained glass doors reflect your personal taste and style.

Homeowners continue to rely on What A Pane for our expertise and quality products. We will work with you to make sure that all your stained glass door needs are met. The first impression your guests get when they walk in your home is through your door, so make sure their first impression is a lasting one!

Glassworks Studio specializes in custom leaded glass and stained glass for private residences. Simple and elegant, traditional or contemporary, we enjoy working  to design and create projects that exceed expectations and delight our clients. We use the highest quality materials and create projects with quality workmanship that ensures you enjoy your art glass for a lifetime.

How it's made​

Each stained glass insert that we produce is hand made by a master stained glass artist, it all starts with a full scale drawing of the pattern and each glass section is labelled with the corresponding glass type, following the pattern lines each individual glass piece is hand cut to the exact required shape and size, when all pieces are ready the artist assembles all the individual cut glass pieces like a large puzzle assembling them with lead profiles surrounded by a ridged brass frame, this process is very intricate and the final size needs to be perfect, when the pattern is complete and assembled all connecting intersections get soldered together using a soldering iron and lead wire, this completes the art work. An electroplating process is used apply any desired finish on the leaded profiles. For exterior applications such as a door and window inserts we encase the stained glass art work between two panes of safety tempered glasses creating a sealed thermal unit that is very insulating it protects and encases the stained glass panel from the elements, we only use the highest quality glass insulating sealing products to ensure the longevity of the stained glass insert.

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